Investment $$


Birthday Packages (Includes custom theme, custom smash cake or other special treat, 15-30 photos)

-20-30 Minutes-$185 (Includes 1 background/theme, cupcakes or cake)

-45 minutes=$225 (Includes 15-20 minute portrait session first with neutral background, then 20-30 minute Cake Smash with custom theme, cake)

Family Packages (15-30 photos)

-20-30 mins=$185

-45 mins-1 hour=$235 

Maternity Session (15-30 photos) (dress included)

-20-30 mins = $185 

Senior Portraits (15-50 photos) 

-10-15 mins, 1 location, 1 outfit =$150

-20-30 mins, 1-2 locations closeby eachother, 2 outfits =$185

-45 mins-1 hour, 2-3 locations closeby eachother, 3 outfits =$235

Sitter Sessions (15-30 photos) These are typically done between 6-9mos when baby is sitting up.

-10-15 minutes, 1 background, 1 outfit =$150

-20-30 minutes, 3 backgrounds, 3 outfits =$185

-Milk Bath Sitter Session, 20-30 minutes, 1 simple setup, 1 outfit + Milk Bath shots=$185 

Newborn Packages (15-50 photos)

(Fully Wrapped) Petite Newborn Session(45 mins, 3 different setups, no family poses, baby fully wrapped/swaddled entire time) =$185

Outdoor Newborn Session (May-Sept) (45 mins/1 hour, 1 unwrapped set, 2 swaddle sets) =$200

Regular Newborn Session (1-2 hours, 5 different setups with outfits/swaddles and props, special gift for baby, 1 quick optional family pose, no siblings under 5)=$280

Family+Newborn (1-2 hours, 15-20 minute family session at the beginning of newborn session) =$325

Maternity+Newborn (20-30 min maternity session with dress included, 1-2 hour newborn session with 1 quick family pose included) =$400

Milestone (1-2 hour newborn, 20-30 min sessions for 3mo, 6mo, 9mo, 1st Birthday, photobook at the end with best shots

from each) =$625 Includes outfits and props for all baby sessions.

The Family Milestone (Includes everything in the Milestone package, as well as 15 minute Family Portraits at the Newborn, 6mos, and 1 Yr sessions, all done in the studio) = $850

Maternity+Milestone (20-30 min maternity, all of the above for milestone) =$700

First 2 Years (Includes all of the above for Milestone, as well as 18mos session and 2nd Bday session) =$780

Maternity+First 2 Years (Includes all of the above for First 2 Years, as well as 20-30 minute maternity session) =$850

All baby sessions include outfits and props.

All sessions include a print release and Digitals and/or CD.

We do NOT offer Hospital Birth photography, Boudoir, and will no longer be offering weddings. 

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